Humane Society of Cozumel

by / Tuesday, 04 February 2014 / Published in News
Eddie before and after

Eddie before and after

The Humane Society of Cozumel and their volunteers has one of the most dedicated group of people I’ve had the privilege of watching over the years.  I have been living in Cozumel well over 10 years and this group has been relentless in their effort to not only bring knowledge to uninformed pet owners, but also a constant compassion to help people, dogs and cats.  Let me start by saying that we are limited only to our boundaries.  These people with their open hearts know no boundaries that the little Mexican island called Cozumel can block.  Daily they strive to inform and educate this island about their pets.  They tirelessly work to promote training about proper health care, feeding as well as maintenance and sterilization or abuse.  They work at any time, day or night, to aid with abandoned, hurt or abused animals.  They are such compassionate people bringing pets into their own home to offer shelter at times of need and to foster until permanent homes come through.  They turn no pet away for Vetting.  They work diligently to help find permanent homes for both cats and dogs.  They’ve even helped out with a horse or two in the past.

Like many organizations of this nature, The Humane Society of Cozumel exists solely on donations.  They are a non-profit organization.  To their credit, they work it.  They reach out not only to locals but also to foreigners/tourists coming to our island for vacations as well as using the social media available in these times.  They make lasting bonds with other like minded pet lovers that offer up assistance to transport dogs and cats off of our little island and to a forever loving waiting home.  They are never deterred by a little hard work or by being snapped at, scratched or bitten (literally).

Beyond educating our island as to proper care and maintenance of its furry ones, they must continue to strive for financial funding; a tiring effort in itself.  They offer free sterilization for the population of dogs and cats with owners who cannot afford to pay for these things.  They offer immunizations at costs.  They bring in guest veterinarians to aid many times a year and are only able to offer housing for said guest veterinarians that give so freely of their time.

Helpers of the Humane Society

Helpers of the Humane Society

This group of volunteers is tenacious in working with dogs or cats needing special care or the many cases of heartworm, mange or completely tic infested, matted, malnourished and abused.  They work to free dogs that are literally tied or abused in poor living environments.  They are warm hearted people that go above and beyond with compassion for animals that not many others offer.

Many of us on the island donate to this charity, but there is always a need for more.  This special group of people give selflessly; work diligently; campaign endlessly and all without expecting anything in return, except perhaps some love from the furry ones.  No one asks for anything.  Just to do this to aid in a better population of pets on the island; to aid in better understanding of a pets needs; to build a good bridge between those who need it and those who can help.

I wrote this to participate in the Fenced In By Love by Dog Fence DIY 2014 awards (DogFenceDIY)  in hopes that the Humane Society of Cozumel might receive something to further aid in their quest, but also simply for the Humane Society of Cozumel to receive some just recognition.

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